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Manage Your Inventory

Your Sneaker Collection in the Palm of Your Hand

Manage all your assets in a single platform. Cashe makes it extremely easy and time-saving. Simply scan the barcode on the shoe box and Cashe will take care of the rest.

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The industry's first end-to-end management platform for sneaker collectors and resellers
Monitor Value

Compare Value from 4 Major Platforms

Get real-time resell pricing from the most popular reselling platforms Stadium Goods, Flight Club, GOAT, and StockX.


Machine learning and AI analysis for purchasing and selling insights.

Alert Notifications

Price, Sales, Trends, and Upcoming Release Alerts

Receive alert notifications on sold sneakers, pricing alerts, price trends, upcoming releases and watch lists to keep you updated at all times.

Export to Spreadsheet

Convert Your Inventory to Excel or CSV

Manage your inventory from your mobile phone to desktop computer with easy export options to Excel or CSV.


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