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A Leader Reflects its People

As the roar of the audience surrounding any primetime entertainment subsides you begin to study the particulars of your surroundings. Athlete’s jerseys, hairstyles and cleats. Politics are the same, especially in a year where sports have been limited and campaigns have been high. This year political fashion has turned a corner for the first time in history by campaigning proudly in sneakers.

Image Credit: ERIN GLOVER/INSTYLE.COM/GETTY IMAGES https://www.instyle.com/celebrity/kamala-harris-timbs-shoes-politics

Parties aside on this one. A leader reflects its people. This goes across the board in circumstances not often acknowledged widely. I feel the need to begin this conversation so blatantly: Sneaker culture has made it to The White House. There was no campaigning around it being deserved to be there. It was time- time for the sneakers to be as accepted as the leather loafers and heels we’ve seen for hundreds of years.

It’s a victory for all in the shoe industry- high society fashion welcomed Converse with open arms without question.

Often I walked into rooms with a hoodie and sneakers on to receive a surprise in my appearance. There was an assumption, not all that long ago, that this was casual attire and work was to be almost uncomfortable. To see a world leader wearing shoes similar to mine gave me inclusivity I didn’t know I needed, as well as an excitement to know that sneaker-head discussion could be on the horizon in the oval office. Connecting our world directly with theirs in a way that is solely based around a love for a community we all share. That’s a win for us all in the sneaker world.

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