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Shed Your Old Shoes for Jordan's New 'Satin Snake' Sneaker

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Sorry boys, you're not the only sneakerheads on the block these days. Nike has continued their trend of shoes targeted specifically to women. Last year's Jordan 1 'Satin Black Toe', July's Jordan 4 Off-White 'Sail', and most recently, the Jordan 1 'Satin Snake', which dropped Thursday, are among the growing trend of sneakers released in women's only sizes. These shoes feature a unique look that is cornering a new segment of the market; a trend we expect to continue to see in the future.

The 'Satin Snake' features the classic "Chicago" colorway, but is complete with a black faux snakeskin print and red satin overlays. With a white midsole and snakeskin swoosh, these sneakers present a twist on a timeless classic.

While using this model to differentiate itself across female consumers, Nike has garnered interest for this funky trend from both men and women alike. This shoe was released at a retail price of $170 and is already reselling for over 90% of it's original price (per StockX).

Image Credit: Sneaker Bar Detroit

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