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The Collaborations We Love (and Love to Hate)

So many collabs, so little time to go through them all... so here's a couple of our favorites and least favorites we've seen recently.

PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1’s “Para-noise”


Dropping on November 25th, the PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1’s “Para-noise” in white are easily one of my favorite collaborations I’ve seen recently. This collab keeps it simple but at the same time very bold and eye-catching. For people who were fans of the black "Para-noise" or just fans of white AF1's these are a must cop.

Air Jordan 4 “PSG”


I remember the first time I saw pictures of the Air Jordan 4 “PSG” and couldn’t believe how amazing they were. The Bordeaux just blends with the Jordan 4 so well it seems natural. Some might not consider this a ”collaboration” because the club has a sponsorship with Jordan Brand but for the sake of this list let’s say they are.

Off-White x Nike Air Jordan 5 “Sail.”


A sneaker that I wasn’t really a fan of at first but have grown on me the more I see them is the Off-White x Nike Air Jordan 5 “Sail.” I truly can’t remember why I was so indifferent about them at first because when I see them now I can’t pick out anything I don’t like. All the features of the sneaker are clearly Virgil Abloh’s style but much more subtle from what we’ve come to expect from Off-White.

Unfortunately, they can't all be winners....without further ado, let's spend some time covering the collabs that fell short:

J Balvin x Air Jordan 1 “Colores Y Vibras”

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I can’t express this enough, I hate the J Balvin x Air Jordan 1 “Colores Y Vibras”. It’s too hard to break it down piece-by-piece why I don’t like these shoes so I’ll keep it simple – these don’t even look like Jordan’s. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way however, if you do like these and plan on copping them please leave a comment as to why. I’d really like to know.

Off-White x Jordan 5 “Sail”


After praising the Off-White x Jordan 5 “Sail” earlier I’m going to have to bring it back down to reality with this next one. The Off-White x Nike Rubber Dunk “Green Strike” is easily one of my least favorite collabs recently. They look like shoes someone from the early 2000's that hangs out in the mall for hours every weekend would wear. The colors are too much for me and aside from the branded laces and zip-tie nothing about this shoe looks like an Off-White collaboration.

Fragment x Air Jordan 3 “White”


And lastly, the Fragment x Air Jordan 3 “White”. I don’t particularly hate these sneakers and I won’t go in on them as much as I did the last two – I just think that these sneakers are boring. Without the Fragment name attached to them there would be no hype around this and you’d find them on the sales rack or at outlet stores.

Anything we missed? Drop a comment below and let us know some of your favorite and least favorite collaborations either upcoming or recently released.

But before you do - here's some honorable mentions...

Aime Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore x Clarks Casentino Wool Wallabees

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Grace Wales Bonner x Adidas Capsule


Sacai x Nike LDV Waffle


Concepts x Vans Sk8 Hi & Slip On

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