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What is Cashe?

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this question and it certainly won’t be the last. Second only to the countless “When’s the next giveaway?!” messages we’ve received across our social channels, “What is Cashe?” rises to the top of the list. And, it’s a fair question. Who are we, and more importantly, what are we trying to create? I hope to answer all of those questions and pique your interest in our new service.

As sneakerheads ourselves, we understand how crazy this space can be. After unlocking my phone and scrolling to the ‘Sneaker’ folder, I’m greeted with a seemingly endless barrage of more than a half-dozen apps that each perform an individual task – ranging from monitoring upcoming drops to selling the sneakers themselves. And, that doesn’t even factor in the overly complicated spreadsheets saved on my computer for tracking inventory, purchases, and sales. We’re trying to put an end to that process and give you a tool to “cut through the noise”, so to speak. Put simply, we want to better enable you to make the best buying and selling decisions, whether you’re new to the culture or a seasoned veteran.

The process kicks off with our custom-built scanner. Simply fire up our app, add to your inventory, run your camera across the product labels on the wall of boxes in the corner of your room, and let Cashe take care of the rest. In less than a split-second, we’ll know the exact size, color, silhouette, and retail price of your item. We’re trying to cut down the manual tracking process from 15-minutes to less than one-minute. Trust us, it’s that fast. No box? No problem. Keying-in product information from the tag inside your sneaker is easy, intuitive, and painless.

Have you ever sold a sneaker on StockX only to realize you could’ve gotten $50 more listing the same item on GOAT? I have…many times. Or, what about the opposite? Walked out of Stadium Goods ecstatic with your newest pickup before realizing you overpaid by hundreds of dollars? This happens every day. Currently, Cashe is able to receive real-time pricing updates across the four largest secondary sneaker marketplaces: StockX, GOAT, Stadium Goods, and Flight Club. Even better, we’re able to provide this information across your specific inventory so you can be better informed the next time you go to buy or sell a sneaker.

Next, let’s talk favorites. The sneaker market changes daily and it’s difficult to stay on top of the latest trends and releases. With Cashe, we let you mark which shoes you want to stay in front of and choose the best time to buy. In just a few seconds, you’ll have the latest prices and transaction history at the tip of your fingers.

Finally, Cashe lets you input sales history across all platforms to more accurately track profits and current inventory. While this process will be manual in the early days, we’ll be working tirelessly to directly integrate with the major resale platforms in the near future to provide a seamless selling experience for you.

What you’ll see on launch day isn’t our final product. In fact, we have bigger plans than what’s on this page. In the coming months, new features, including Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning integration, will be added to our service to provide you with notifications, updates, and alerts unique to your preferences and inventory. We can’t wait to see where this service goes; after all, we’re building this together for people like us.

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